Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

It was our year for Christmas Eve with my mom & bonus dad this year (they alternate Christmas Eve & Day with my sister & I) but since we are only half the distance we were from my sister now, I decided to invite her family to dinner as well. As an added bonus, our bonus mom traveled up & also joined us Christmas Eve after work.

Every year it comes right down to the wire for Fedex managers. Some years everything goes off without a hitch, packages are shipped & delivered early & everyone is home in time for dinner on Christmas Eve, then there are years like the past 2 we have had where they get busier & busier right up until the very end. This year not only did Donna not get home until 9pm, she also had to work a few hours on Christmas Day, boooo :(

Anyways, it was a lot of fun hosting Christmas Eve! I made baked ziti for dinner with salad & garlic bread & meatballs for the non pasta (mom) & not pasta with red sauce (boys) eaters. My mom made a turtle cheesecake for dessert, YUM! My mom & bonus dad gave their gifts to the kids & we exchanged gifts with my niece & nephew. It was so fun to see all the boys finally, really get it not tearing gifts open!

Getting all the grand kids ready to open gifts together...

Caden, Kellan, Garren, Chandler & Nadia

The boys opening gifts from Aunt Autumn, Uncle Steven, Chandelr & Nadia

Garren very excited about getting some new books!

Check out those thomas sleeping bags & pillows from Nana!

When Donna got home, her & I exchanged gifts with my bonus mom in the quiet without the interruption of the boys. We visited a while & then Santa sat up some gifts for the boys to find in the morning ;)

Topping the Santa list was a Thomas tent & Thomas hats. We also went with balance bikes we got second hand from our favorite BBB triplet family/friends :)


  1. Those balance bikes are so cute!!!! This reminds me of our tree the year that Little Monster was 3. Awwwww, Thomas the Train, I miss that cheeky fellow sometimes.

    1. I'm honestly surprised the boys' obsession with Thomas has lasted so long! Just when I think they're moving on they sit on Santa's lap & list a number of Thomas items they would like, lol...

  2. Yay for your first Christmas in the new house! Did you get a "1st Christmas in Our New Home" ornament for the tree?

    1. I picked one up & my bonus mom gave us one too 😊



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