Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Zoo Lights - UPDATED with video link

The days get long here starting about 2 weeks before Christmas. FedEx steals Donna from us for about 15 hours a day or more, unless the boys wake up early they sometimes don't see their MomMom for days at a time. It's hard on all of us but really hard on them! They just don't get it yet. Donna tries to make it up to us by taking the week right after Christmas off but it's not always possible.

I try to keep us all busy by filling our days with playdates, art projects & activities but the boys still miss their MomMom. Saturday morning the boys & I headed to some friends for a Christmas Brunch which was fun. The boys had a blast playing, eating, decorating cookies & playing some more.

Saturday evening, once Donna got home from work, even though she was beat from working her 9th consecutive day (& still had 4 more to go until Christmas) she agreed to meeting up with my sister & her family at the zoo to see Zoo Lights & for some family fun with the boys :)

Pretty lights...

Yarn bombed! The elephant is covered in knitted squares :)

More pretty lights

Garren dancing to YMCA, he & this little girl were getting down!


A dolphin :)

This was the best group shot of the kids we could get, lol

Little Nadia

She's such a ham for the camera!

Nadia & her daddy

Finally riding the train!

Caden, Uncle Steven & Nadia

Aunt Autumn, Kellan, Chandler, Garren & MomMom 

Me & my sister :)

Nadia & Caden withe the Penguin

There was also an outdoor movie, 'ice' skating, Santa visits, hot chocolate & cider, snow that was actually foamy bubbles which I thought was cool & a bonfire. It was pretty crowded though & riding the train was the most important thing on our list, it also had the longest line!
We Ended up being there WAYYYY later than we had anticipated!!! But the kids all did great & had a lot of fun, so it was well worth it!

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