Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cecil Cat

Two weeks ago Donna found another kitten at work that seemed to be abandoned by it's mama. The kitten was sitting in the parking lot just wobbling in place. His eyes were gooed shut with green goo & he had a sore on his back near the base of his tail. She couldn't just leave the kitten there so she called the cat clinic on the island & took him in. They kept him overnight to check him out. They gave him a bath, cleaned up his eyes so he could see, treated what turned out to most likely be fire ant bites on his back & taught him to eat. He turned out to be perfectly healthy other than the eye infection & bite on his back, both easily treated with antibiotics. By the time I picked him up from the clinic he was eating moistened food on his own. 

Cecil Cat after the vet cleaned him up

Donna & I had discussed getting another cat so that Murpee would have a playmate when we traveled. Murphee gets car sick & now hides anytime she thinks we are heading someplace. We know it would be easier on her to leave her home but the thought of her being alone has always bothered us. We hadn't planned to make an addition to the family until we to moved into our house but this little kitten was too sweet to just release again so I brought him home.

We kept him in the bathroom until we were sure he used the litter box & so we could find him, he's so tiny!!! The vet estimated that he was 5 weeks old & he weight 3 oz.

I asked the boys what they wanted to name him, some of the first responses were green, purple & meow. Then Cecil came up. Cecil is our maintenance mans name. The boys always chant his name when they see him, must be fun for them to say I guess. So the boys started calling the kitten Cecil, Caden called him Cecil Cat & now everyone does.

Garren & Cecil with Eason nearby 

Such a cuddly kitten!

Cecil Cat loves everyone!!! You'd never know he was a ferrel cat because he is so friendly & lovable. He lets Garren tote him around, plays with Murphee who took almost a week to warm up to him & he acts like Haddie & Eason are his mama & daddy. Haddie was a big time mama when we first brought him home, she guarded him from everyone, gave him many bathes & watched him eat. Eason is also very protective of him, he ran interference when Murphee started hissing or swatting at Cecil. They all love each other now & we are one GIGANTIC happy family, lol...

Murphee finally playing with Cecil <3

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