Monday, July 7, 2014

The 4th Will Never Be The Same

The 4th of July will never be the same for us, it was my Dad's birthday. Up until we all started having babies (now that my nephew's birthday is the very next week we wait & get together then) we always got together for the 4th & celebrated my dad, BBQs, cookouts on the beach, fireworks, you name it. I loved celebrating my dad & I loved that his birthday always ended with a big bang & usually a wonderful show.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpa!
Clark, Tucker, Aliyah, Grandma holding Nadia, Kellan, Caden, Chandler & Garren.

This year to remember my dad, my sister hosted a cookout at her house. My bonus mom Marie & my 2 bonus sisters & their families traveled in for the day (some for the weekend.) 

The girls; Aliyah & Nadia

Aliyah & Clark

Tucker, Clark, Garren & Aliyah

Tucker, Aliyah, Clark & Kellan.
Grandma got everyone a 4th of July shirt for the occasion :)


Tucker, Uncle Aaron & Chandler

After we all ate lunch we celebrated our niece Aliyah's 3rd birthday which was on July 3rd. My bonus sister Meg made beautiful & delicious cupcakes for the occasion.

Tucker, Chandler, Kellan, Clark & Aliyah, as we all sang Happy Birthday

Clark helping Aliyah blow out her candle

After eating & celebrating everyone changed into their swimsuits & we headed to the clubhouse for some bounce house bouncing & swimming pool fun! My sister's community put on a nice 4th of July party with bounce houses, some carnival games, a cookout, snow cones, cotton candy & so on... 
The boys are new to loving bounce houses, the few times we've been places that have had them we've had to sort of shove the boys in & they never would stay in long. My nephew has one & the few times my sister & BIL have babysat recently the boys have all played in it. So when we encountered the bounce houses at the 4th of July party the boys dove right in. All the kids loved bouncing & ran from bounce house to bounce house. 

Clark, Garren (in back), Kellan, Aliyah & Tucker

Garren & Aliyah

The boys & Clark

Aliyah & Garren

After working up a good sweat, we all headed to the pool. Our little fish barely got their puddle jumpers on before running & jumping right into the deep end. Everyone, even the grown ups enjoyed cooling off in the pool.

Grandma, Clark, Tucker & Garren

Aunt Mindy, Kellan, Aliyah, Garren & Caden

Uncle Steven & Chandler in the water, Grandma & Mom Mom keeping a close eye on everyone

Our little fishies :)

Donna & I & the boys had to call it quits a bit early. We had the dogs at home that needed to be let out, figuring in drive time we wanted to be sure not to leave them more than 8 hours so we headed out about 4pm but not before Grandma got the boys their first ever cotton candy & snow cones. Just what they needed, a sugar rush before an hour & a half long ride, lol... They loved both & have been asking for snow cones ever since.


Kellan (that belly! lol) Caden & Garren


Kellan & Caden, his expression is so funny!
***checking snow cones off our summer bucket list!***

Our plan was to come home, let the dogs out, eat some dinner & head out to one of the beaches to see the fireworks but the boys were beat. They had so much fun playing with all of their cousins , aunts & uncles & their grandma that they just couldn't handle a late night out, so regular bedtime is what they got & Donna & I watched a movie & relaxed.

It was a great day & I loved that everyone was able to come & be together for what was still an emotional day but a whole lot more fun together & that's what my dad would have wanted.


  1. Looks like a great time for the kids!! I'm sorry it's such a hard day but glad you could spend it with family :) the boys' bellies are too cute. And wow has Nadia grown fast!

  2. Those boys are completely adorable. Looks like the kids had a blast!!! Coming from a huge family, I am loving all the COUSINS.



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