Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Bucket List; The Zoo

Friday morning Garren woke up asking to "go to the shoe (zoo) & ride the zebra?" I didn't have anything really planned for the day, just maybe some swimming if we could dodge the thunderstorms. So I called Donna to what the earliest time she could be done for the day. She could leave right after lunchtime so the zoo became our plan giving us the opportunity to check another item off our Summer Bucket List.

It is so amazing to me that Garren even remembered this idea. The last time we were at the zoo, in April, he noticed the carousel. I told him that they could ride it the next time we went, when Donna was with us. The carousel at the zoo has zoo animals instead of houses which is where he got the idea of riding the zebra.

Garren asked all morning when we were going to the zoo & soon Caden & Kellan chimed in. 1 PM could not come fast enough! We picked Donna up at work & headed directly to the zoo.

When we arrived, we of course had to go directly to the carousel. The boys had never been on one before & their expressions showed they had no idea what was about to happen. Once the ride was over though, none of them wanted to get off! 

Kellan & Garren





Donna hadn't been to the zoo with us since the new Tiger exhibit opened, so we headed to see the Tigers & Wart Hogs from the carousel. The boys were so excitable, I think it was because Donna was with us but it was so funny to watch them & hear them (mostly Garren) screech each time they saw another animal.  

Tiger ;)

Children's viewing cave

The tigers are all the way at the back of the zoo, so after we finished seeing them we just wandered back towards the from seeing animals along the way. It was a very hot & humid day so we didn't stay too long, not to mention the zoo closes at 5. It's not a huge zoo & we've been there enough that a couple hours is more than enough in the summer months.

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  1. That carousel looks FUN!!! I want to ride a zebra too! Garren is a good thinker ;)



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