Thursday, May 16, 2013

We've Missed Her!

This past weekend my bonus sister, Mindy made a surprise visit to FL to see my bonus mom for Mother's Day.

We were not able to make a trip down but since we are so conveniently located right off of I-95, we were able to convince her & the boy's little cousin, Aliyah to stop by :)

Caden, Aliyah & Garren

Our attempt at a group shot, lol...

So Monday on their back to NC, they stopped by to play for a little bit. We've missed them since leaving NC & have been anxious to see them again. Gestationally the boys & Aliyah are almost exactly the same age & were peas in a pod as infants, especially Garren & Aliyah. It wondered if they would remember each other after not seeing each other for a whole year. Well weather they did or not, they acted as if no time had gone by. Garren & Aliyah were pretty much attached at the hip, hugging, kissing & holding hands. He's always been an affectionate boy but he's never given kisses to anyone else before.
Garren & Aliyah sharing a hug

 Kellan, Caden Garren & Aliyah
Aliyah & garren saying goodbye
We had a nice visit, the boys adore Aunt Mindy & probably wore her out more than she wanted before having to drive another 6 hours home.

This is from one of our last visits while we still lived in NC
top to bottom; Garren, Kellan, Caden & Aliyah

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