Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

My dad & bonus mom came up for the weekend and boy did we have fun!!!

My parents arrived Saturday morning. We had already decided we were going to the beach as soon as they arrived. I figured Saturday morning would be the least crowded time of the holiday weekend. My dad called as they pulled in the parking lot & I told him the door was open & to just walk in. If I had known how surprised the boys were going to be when grandma & grandpa walked in I would have had a camera ready. I don't think I have ever seen that much excitement in the faces before, the gaping open mouths & gasps with excited were just too much!!! I will have a camera ready next time!

Caden, Grandpa, Garren, Kellan, Grandma
So we headed out to the beach for a little fun in the sun to start our weekend. The boys dug in the sand & built (& smashed) sandcastles with grandma & grandpa. Garren of course visited with dogs close by & everyone took turns running up & down the beach. The tide was in & the water was a bit cold so there was no swimming on this trip.

 Grandpa & Garren
 Caden, Garren, Kellan
 A little sand in the pants never hurt anyone, lol
Grandpa & Caden
 Mama, Grandma, Garren, Caden, Kellan
Grandma gettin' some lovin' from Garren
After naps we took the boys down to the pool to try out their new "puddle jumpers." Hey are arm floaties with an added chest floaty/life jacket. I was sure the boys would not be happy in a float this year & hope that these help them learn to swim. We put them on the stairs & let them make their way into the pool on their own. None of the boys are completely comfortable with submerged & not being able to feel the bottom yet, but they kept trying it out. I think by summers end they will be jumping into the pool with no fears :)

Sunday we headed to the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. Since we had extra hands the boys got to walk quite a bit. Kellan pushed his face between the fence posts to look at the animals while Caden & Garren had to be picked up to see over the fence. Garren did a little face squishing but wanted to be "up" most of the time. After lunch we changed the boys into their swim suits & set them loose on the splash pad. They had so much fun playing & running & jumping in the water. We decided to leave when Donna pointed out the line of people waiting to get in but couldn't until some of us left. It was well past the boys usual nap time but they were doing pretty good. We made one last stop to see the giraffes & then headed for the exit.

 Baby birds
 Kellan & Caden
 Mama, Garren, Kellan, Caden (in front)
Kellan, caden, Garren
Garren, Caden, Kellan
Caden & Kellan

Just a note about this wagon, we got NO triplet comments at all!!! And that storage bag holds a TON of stuff, like the entire diaper bag, 3 beach towels, 3 changes of clothes/swim suits, 3 pairs of shoes, the camera & camera bag. Fantastic Wagon!!!

Thanks for the new hats Grandma!!!

Due to the fact that Donna was transferred out of state just before I got pregnant with the boys, we have not lived close to family or even our close friends since then. Our move to GA was to be closer to family so that we could visit more frequently but we are still a ways from the closest family member. So Donna & I had not had a date night since before the boys arrival, that was until Sunday. Donna still has a little trouble leaving the boys so we waited until they were tucked into bed & soundly sleeping before hearing out for our fist date night in 2 years. 

 A nervous Donna driving away...
We went & watched the sunset & then for drinks. It was kind of weird, we didn't worry about the boys at all but didn't really know what to do not having a wagon or stroller to push or kids to entertain, lol... It was very refreshing though to have an uninterrupted conversation & to not be listening for someone to cry out or wake up.

A pretty sunset
Monday morning Donna made banana pancakes for breakfast. Then her & my dad finally put the tricycles the boys got for their birthday together and we took them outside to try them out.

Mama getting a little help with the assembly
 Garren waiting for his brothers
Caden trying to stay out of the grass

 Kellan waiting for a push

Grandma & grandpa headed home after we put the boys down for their naps & our super fun weekend came to an end.

We also remember what Memorial Day is really about. We remembered my cousin & all of the soldiers that have served & sacrificed protecting all of us.


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! And that wagon looks awesome!! We will definitely have to look into one :)

    1. You will definitely need a wagon when they are about a year old! This one is the Radio Flyer Triple Play wagon, watch for sales at BRU, they drop the price by $30 -$60 every other month or so :)

  2. The benefits of date night SOOOOOOO outweigh the scary, sad and guilty feelings you have leaving your boys. Please promise to keep doing date night.

    Your weekend ROCKED ! Love the new trikes.

    1. The next date night is scheduled for the 4th of July weekend when we are at my parents in Orlando :)



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