Monday, May 13, 2013

Tennis Anyone?

I recently read on Facebook that one of the other triplet moms took her trio to a tennis court to play. Genius idea!!! Especially for those of us lacking a fenced yard.



& he's off!
 Garren & Caden
So Monday we went to check it out. We have a really nice park here that has softball/baseball fields, soccer fields, a dog park, 2 huge (non fenced) playgrounds, a skate park, walking trail & tennis courts. It's pretty quiet there in the morning aside from a few walkers. So I loaded up a few balls & the boys new bubble mowers & let them loose.

 Caden, Garren & Kellan
Garren, Kellan & Caden
(& the reason we need a fenced area!)
Garren checking out the screen

Kellan checking out the seating
First they just ran & ran, then they checked out the lighting boxes, they chased the balls & made a few bubbles with the mowers. They each loved hiding under the screen along the fence & of course picking up any little stick or stone they ran across. Nobody said anything but I sort of got the feeling we shouldn't have had the mowers on the tennis court so when we went back yesterday I just took balls, we'll save the mowers for the grass at the dog park ;)

A ride in the Choo Choo for old times sake
You can't see it but there was a gator out there :)

Yesterday after the boys were all flush from running I loaded them up in their choo choo wagon & we went for a walk on the trail. It's a really beautiful area & very nice paved trail around a lake. We met some geese & their 5 babies & we also saw an alligator. Who knew there were alligators in Georgia?

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  1. That's a brilliant idea. Last summer, my friend's nanny did that with her twins. It was much easier than chasing the two of them around the playground.

    My Dad just gave the girls those same mowers as an early birthday present. They love them!



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