Monday, October 29, 2012

Our *18 Month* Old Boys

There will be a couple other *18 Month* posts, 18 month photos & 18 month check-up. I don't have either at this moment but in celebration of the boys actually turning 18 months, I'll just update about them for now :)

I almost feel like the boys have changed more in the last 6 months than they did in their entire first year. I know it isn't completely true but WOW do they ever grow & change so much, so fast. They have these quirky little personalities, I have no idea where on earth they would have gotten them from, ha! They are each so different & so interesting.

Garren & Kellan

I'll start with Garren, as an infant he was so quiet & content he required very little extra attention. Now he is a huge clown! He is constantly showing off, either by dancing, talking (babbling gibberish mostly) or climbing. He also likes to play a lot of games, chase, hide & seek, or even peek a boo from around a corner or behind the couch. Anything for attention! He is making up for how little he needed as an infant. He has also become very loving, he's always been affectionate with hugs or cuddles but now it's more drawn out, more eager & very deliberate. He is giving kisses now... He stops and focuses on either Donna or I or even one of the pups, holds both sides of our face or shoulders  & slowly comes in for a kiss (his mouth open of course.) Its cute when he does it to Eason & even more adorable when Haddie allows him to give her a kiss, she's a bit of a diva.
Garren has a mouth full of teeth, I think he may end up with a problem I had & not have enough room for them all. He has all 4 front teeth on top & 2 molars, it only looks like he has room for one more tooth on either side. He has 3 of the 4 front bottom teeth & 2 molars on the bottom also. After our 18 month check up with the new pediatrician next week I will make them all dentist appointments & start keeping up with that.

Kellan & Caden

Next up is Caden, who was super outgoing & always laughing as an infant. He is more shy now, I guess more bashful than shy, he warms up quickly usually but he doesn't like to be more than an arms reach away from Donna or I when we're out. He has also been the most quiet of the 3 but recently he has all of a sudden started babbling up a storm, he really has a lot to say & gets quite frustrated that I usually have no idea what he's saying. He says the fewest words of the 3 but is starting to mimic more of what we say so I'm trying to make more of an emphasis of saying what things are are or what color or shape & so on. This morning while I was pouring their milk he came to the kitchen & said "hotog" (hot dog.) maybe watching Micky's Clubhouse is more useful that I thought :)
Caden is very affectionate, he gives very big, vey warm hugs anytime I pick him up, he gives kisses by leaning his head in to you when you ask for a kiss, very sweet! He is content to sit on one of our laps & just hang out there.
He also has a mouthful of teeth, 4 fronts on top & bottom & 2 molars on top & bottom.

Kellan, still streaking! I thought I had solved the problem by always keeping pants on him, but he took those off too on this day :)

Last but most definitely not least is Kellan. He was our neediest infant, he had the worst reflux & tummy troubles to boot. We really thought he would always be needy/clingy since that is how he started out but we couldn't have been more wrong. I would have to say he is now the most content. He's happy most of the time & finds interest in just about anything he runs across. He is sensitive though, if he falls & hits his head or if one of his brothers pulls his hair, they are equally as devastating & result in big time tears. He is so affectionate & cuddly, he gives kisses with his forehead, when you ask or on his own. He loves to be close, it doesn't matter to who, Donna or I or his brothers, even Eason. When Donna is home she usually lays in the floor with them before bedtime & he is always sitting right next to her if not laying on or across her.

Caden, Garren & Kellan, they love this tiny kitchen!!! They can open & close the doors all they want & leave the furniture alone!!!

All 3 boys can now get on the couch or in the dining room chairs. The couch is their favorite place to be. We don't mind as long as they sit, but a couple of the monkies think that it's a trampoline. Caden also likes to touch/move the photos on the wall above the couch :( So child proofing has gone to a new level.
The boys all play really well together. As I mentioned in Garren's paragraph, they chase each other, hide from one another & pop out to scare each other. They wrestle & roll around on the floor, sometimes it's get a little rough but what can you expect with 3 boys?

All in all they are healthy active boys. I think they are pretty on track developmentally, but we will find out for sure next week at their well check.


  1. I love it! I feel as if you could have substituted my boys' names in there for each of your. I couldn't agree with you more about how much they change in those 6 months...wait until you hit 21 months! Funny how 'hot dog' is one of the words my boys will say too....along with MauMau (Mickey Mouse).....if you can't beat em, join em! Can't wait to hear about their appointment. Glad to hear all is going well for you guys.

  2. What a great update. Makes me feel so close even though we are still far away. I wish we had time to get up there and visit with them. You and Donna are doing a fantastic job of being their parents. So proud of both of you. Wish we could do more and be there to help. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Just know we love each and every one of you...and if you need anything please let us know. Xoxo



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