Monday, October 8, 2012

7. Food

Saved by Jennifer!!!

I almost forgot to post this... 

Convenient that today's topic was food. This guy however, was not interested in food today. Kellan ate 2 bites of his lunch & was done. I thought by dinner he would be ravenous but I was wrong, he ate NOTHING of his dinner. He did suck down a whole cup of milk though & then half a cup of pediasure closer to bedtime. (I didn't want him waking in the middle of the night hungry)
He seems fine, acting normal, no fever, pooping regularly & not fussy so I guess he just wasn't into eating today??? 

If you're noticing the high chair like tray, we have reverted back to eating off trays, thank goodness the booster seats came with them :) Being at the table, having a plate & silverware was all just too much for the boys. They were playing more than eating & I just didn't have the patience to fight with all 3 of them at every single meal. So it's trays for now & silverware, maybe when they get that figured out we'll try plates & then move back to the table top.

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