Thursday, July 14, 2011

Officially Full Term Babies

As of Sunday July 10th, 2011, the boys were 40 weeks gestation, FULL TERM!!! While we knew I would never make it to 40 weeks with triplets, we definitely didn't think they would be 10 1/2 weeks early. They have been a true blessing and we are very thankful that they are SO healthy!!!

Days and nights are still sort of a blur... changing, feeding, & burping babies, then pumping for their next bottles... It is so rewarding now though to see a sweet little smile when I say one of their names or to get snuggled with when I pick one of them up.

Eason trying to catch up on some ZZZ...
They are sleeping in one their cribs now. I wasn't so sure about putting them in their own room, I needed them close to me, so I really wasn't comfortable separating them. They are doing great, we swaddle them up and they are right where we left them come morning (or middle of the night feeding time) They all still chatter with each other, it is so cute! Except when they need to go back to sleep at 3 in the morning, lol.

Yesterday  (7/13/11) Caden turned over from his back onto his side. He & Kellan were in the pack & play & Caden wanted to be close to Kellan but Kellan would squeal so I moved Caden to the other end. Somehow he kept wiggling his way back to Kellan. Well the last time Kellan squealed I went back over & Caden had turned onto his side & had his arms & legs stretched forward just touching Kellan, I can already hear... "Mom, he's touching me!"

Caden turned onto his side!!!
Kellan & Garren are both picking up their heads and looking around. They are getting pretty good at holding them up for a couple minutes too.

The boys are still sleeping through tummy time, but the pups really enjoy laying with and watching over them.

Eason & Haddie keeping an eye on the boys during tummy time :)
Eason helping bounce
Haddie babysitting


  1. well hmm- posted this twice - nto showing up lol---

    Anyway I was saying how precious they are, and that you two ladies are very lucky to have 3 beautiful sons!! xxoo

  2. OMG look at those chubby baby cheeks!! They are adorable!



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