Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy Week It Was...

As you know from my previous post, the boys turned 2 months old and had their 2 month check-up and vaccines last week.
My mom was also here for the week to help me out when Donna went back to work (last week.) My step-dad drove her up the previous weekend, so he got a visit in with the boys too. Some of my mom's clients and friends sent more gifts for the boys. They got some more clothes, some really great football outfits, cool monogrammed burp cloths & onsies with their first initial, an awesome picture frame, some really cute stuffed animal/nap-time blankies, & some beautiful blankets and buntings from my mom. We had a nice visit and my mom was very helpful with the babies & around the house.

Grandpa with ? I can't tell from the back, lol

We also had another visitor... our dear friend Karin came for the day on Wednesday to meet the boys for the first time. It was so great to see her. We really miss all of our friends & family from back home (Florida.) Haddie hasn't forgotten anyone either, she didn't even give Karin a chance to see the boys before she started demanding the attention she was use to getting from her. Funny how dogs remember :)

Haddie, Karin, & Eason
Karin with Caden

The boys have also discovered some things to play with. They like when we shake a rattle and they are reaching for these chain links we hung in their bouncers.

Caden with a rattle on his arm and his hand through the chain
Kellan with his hand through the chain
Caden again
...Garren slept through this activity.

We are now trying to get the boys to sleep in their own room. We were going to put them in their own cribs, but decided one step at a time. So far they do not like to sleep in their room or in a crib. So now we are putting them in their room for naps or as long as they will sleep in there, trying to get them used to it. We did have them all asleep in there tonight for about 10 minutes, but Kellan started fussing, then screaming so I brought him back out to the living room. As soon as I walked out with Kellan, Caden started to cry. I gave him a few minutes to calm down, but he didn't so now both of them are in their bouncers in the living room. Garren is sleeping like an angle in their room in a crib all by himself. He may be the smallest, but right now he is the bravest :)
These photos were taken as we were putting the 3rd crib back in their room and trying each baby in his crib...

The cribs are set up so the boys are all right next to each other & we used
breathable bumpers so they can see each other...
once they make it to their own cribs
another view of the crib set-up

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  1. they look so happy! hows the moms holding up?



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