Friday, July 22, 2011

12 Weeks Old!!!

WOW!!! Time sure is flying by, I can't believe 12 weeks ago today (yesterday, now it's after midnight) the boys were born. They have come so far since being 29 week preemies. They have outgrown all of their newborn clothes :( I will miss how tiny they once were.

The boys are sleeping better & better in their own room, they go back in their room after their middle of the night feed now too AND (knock on wood) They are only getting up once in the middle of the night to eat :o) They are all getting stronger & better at holding up their heads, Garren really loves to look all around. Caden stares intently at me while he eats, I wonder what he is thinking? They all pull up to sitting when we prop them on the boppies and give them our fingers to hold on to. I can't wait until they start reacting to us more. We play peek-a-boo & this little piggy with them, they don't seem to impressed by it yet. Donna has also been reading them a bedtime story, I need to get them more books, she's been reading the same one to them every night, lol, but they do seem to enjoy it & they go right to sleep afterwards.

Haddie & Eason are still very attached to the babies and they have become very interested in the babies stuff... clothes, pacifiers, & toys. They both love stuffed animals and aren't quite sure about not being able to play with these new things, especially the ones that make noise.

Well here are this weeks photos...

Kellan, Caden, & Garren loving their cloth diapers
Garren looking angelic
Eason wondering what the pacifier is all about
Haddie trying it out, LOL...

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  1. What a cute fluffy butts photo :) We have a dog, too-I never really thought about him trying to use the paci-too funny.



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