Wednesday, February 3, 2016


January went by in kind of a blur... here are just a few of the happening...

Back to school after the holidays was exhausting for Caden!

The boys caught up on quality time with Donna after the Christmas rush that had her working super late. Kellan set up a picnic (table is on a blanket) for MomMom one night.

Garren likes his quality time extra close!

Short weeks (closed one day for MLK day) are exhausting for Garren.

MomMom was a birthday princess, lol...
Really she was napping on the floor at a friends & the boys dressed her up.

MomMom's birthday dinner.
My mom & bonus dad also took us all to lunch for her birthday & 
we had celebration at her parents for her & her dad's birthday.

We had some very cold (for FL) weather that required wearing clothes to play outside...

so the boys opted for indoor playing, lol!

Kellan told his bff Bella that he loves her, she responded the feeling was mutual & they proceeded to take selfies, really poor 4 year old selfies, lol

The friday ritual still stands, CFA ice cream date with Bella & her mom after school.

We closed out the month snuggling our friend's newest set of twin boys,
yep, their second set of twin boys in 3 years.

Baby fever anyone?!?!?

Caden's had baby (sister) fever since our niece Nadia came along, 
he loved cuddling, feeding & rocking Jude & Luca!

Hope your year has started off awesome! I'm hoping to be a better blogger in February :)


  1. Oh dear sweet heavens give Donna another baby ASAP! Too much cuteness!

    I kinda love that your kids are always as naked as mine, lol

  2. I love the naked picnic. Our son loves to be naked too. Boys are so much fun, aren't they?! :)



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