Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What is April 28th?!

For days before the boys arrived I couldn't get the date, April 28th out of my head. I felt like I was forgetting something important about the date. We have friends whose little boys birthday is April 28th but I felt like there was something else about that day that I just couldn't put my finger on. I asked Donna, my mom & my dad  if there was something I was forgetting about the date, an anniversary maybe? No one knew of anything. On April 27th I was still talking about it. When I couldn't get comfortable that evening & the doctor came in to examine me I asked Donna again if she thought of or remembered anything about the date. She still had nothing.

The reason for my discomfort that evening was that I was dilating, when the doctor examined me I was 3cm already & I had gotten there without contractions. I was quickly moved from my comfy room in antepartum to labor & delivery & monitored over night. By morning I was 5cm, no turning back at that point & I hadn't been contracting so there was nothing to try to stop. Our boys were coming at just 29 weeks gestation,

Once the staff had changed shifts my doctor from the previous night came in & said "you know what April 28th is? It's your babies' birthday!" The doctors decided there was nothing else to wait for & they didn't want the boys trying to come out on their own, so I was headed for an emergency c-section...

At 10:14, 10:16 & 10:19am April 28th, we became moms to 3 beautiful baby boys. It was the scariest & most exciting day of our lives!!! Caden was surprisingly healthy, he didn't even need oxygen let alone CPAP or anything like that. Kellan & Garren were very healthy too but needed a little help with their breathing. They were quickly whisked off to the NICU, but not until after I got a glimpse & gave a kiss to each of them.

Happy Happy Birthday to our miraculous big boys who say they are still babies & never getting big!!!

Caden then 3lbs 10oz, 18" long
& now 41lbs, 43" tall

Kellan then 3lbs 5oz, 16" long
& now 40lbs, 42" tall

Garren then 3lbs 3oz, 16" long
& now 35lbs, 41.25" tall

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  1. I can't get over how tall your boys are! My tallest is the size of Garren and he has the others beat by a couple of inches! Just wonderful that they are thriving and doing so well. Kudos to you and Donna for great parenting :)



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