Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Fun at the Mall

My mom, my sister, myself & all the kiddos got together yesterday at the mall for a little Easter fun.

It was very similar to our annual Santa visit but with the Easter Bunny this time who Caden & Kellan were not too fond of, lol... When they saw him walking around, they hid behind me & when it was time to take a photo with him Kellan proclaimed "NO thank you!" I tried bribing him with large Easter Bunny Easter Eggs, Caden was ok with it, Kellan still not so much.

Garren, Chandler, Nadia, Caden & Kellan

Once we saw the bunny it was time to play. We headed to the mall playground to let the kids burn some energy followed by mechanical rides & then a ride around the mall on the train. 

Garren, Kellan & Caden... thats Nana on the other side of/behind them

Caden & Kellan

Garren & Caden


Nadia & Chandler

Chandler giving the Easter Bunny a high five

Garren's turn

Nadia excited to ride the train

It will be Autumn's turn to ride with the kids at Christmas!

We finished our fun outing with lunch at a sit down restaurant with 5 kids, 4 & under. That restaurant loves us! They sat us at the same table in the back corner as they did at Christmas time, lol... The kids can be a little noisey but they were good overall, they even ate ALL their lunch which they are usually to distracted to do when we eat out.

We all had a good time, I can't wait to do it again at Christmas with a 5 year old, three 4 year olds &  a 2 year old! I hope Santa is resting up this Summer ;)


  1. I'm exhausted just reading this post! and the hands holding k? super funnily sweet!

  2. The adult hand sneaking into the picture is PERFECT! Love it! What a fun time! Though, 5 kids under 4?!?! Woah, you people are brave...very very brave!



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