Monday, April 27, 2015

Birthday Celebration #4!!!

We celebrated the boys' 4th birthday Saturday with their first party in their very own home :) The boys were so so excited to have friends to "their house" & to have a birthday party again.

I LOVED their invitation! We changed "triplets "to each of their names though :)

They were super into their birthday this year! They picked their themes, what kind of cake they wanted (theme & flavor), what they wanted for their birthday, they even named who they wanted to come to their party although some were too far away to travel just for a birthday party & a death (or 2) in the family made it so some couldn't attend at all.

The boys even discussed amongst themselves who was having/getting what & who/how they would share, lol...

Garren chose a Spiderman theme & chocolate cake (Cadens favorite flavor)
Caden chose Thomas the Train of course & yellow cake
Kellan chose the Toy Story theme & he wanted black & white (marble) cake.

They all like all 3 themes and although they were happy to share their cakes, the decoration toys were specifically their own and Caden snatched his train off his cake just as soon as the candles were out & everyone was done singing, lol...

I was surprised at how well they listened & waited before blowing out their candles, Caden got his candles all out in one big blow (he really wanted that train!) It took Garren & Kellan & extra blow or 2 & then everyone grabbed their toy/decoration off & I grabbed the cakes so that they were edible for everyone at the party :)

I was terrible about taking pictures. I never even got my camera out & my phone was nearly dead by the time we ate cake so my sister grabbed Donna's phone & snapped some pics of the cakes & the boys blowing out their candles.

Kellan, Garren, Caden

I'm not exactly sure what order cake & presents are suppose to go in, if any order really? The boys were begging for their cakes though so we went for cake first. Shortly after eating cake the boys opened their gifts which they were also very excited about. It probably didn't even really matter what was in the packages, they just loved the idea of getting presents. I don't know how many times I heard "presents! I love presents!" lol... I did take a few photos of them opening gifts but they were so fast all but this one was fuzzy. Their friend Liam was helping them with their gifts here :)

(Donna & Liam) Caden, Garren, Kellan

Grandma & Grandpa Tilyou got them little monster trucks, toy flip phones, the dreaded recorders/flute things that we insisted should stay at grandma & grandpas house, lol... & also some cash :) Their friend Canan got them each a Hot Wheels car case & some fancy race cars. Chandler & Nadia got them a new "big" pool (it's the one between the blow up kiddie pool & the full fledged above ground pool, a 12' x 36" mini pool) Their friends August & Liam got them Magna Tiles which they have been building garages for their race cars with, lol... The great Aunt Linea & great Uncle Ben sent them each a movie & sticker albums with stickers. My parents gave them cash for swim lessons & we will be giving them bikes with training wheels on their actual birthday. 

My bonus mom's BIL passed away last week so she was in MN with her sister & couldn't make it to the party but we will celebrate with her when she gets back home. Kellan was fixated on his cousin Aliyah coming to their party. I tried to explain that she lived kind of far away to come to the party but he insisted I "call her mommy on the phone!" Well they ended up going to MN with my bonus mom so that didn't happen but the boys had a great time with their cousins who were here & their friends!

This little lady napped the last half of the party & woke up ready to party some more,
check her out wearing the boys' monster slippers with her sweet pajamas, lol...

It rained off & on so we ended up being inside a little more so than outside but the kids still bounced in the bounce house some & played on the playhouse. Towards the end it cleared up a bit & the kids filled the kiddie pool with water & played in that too, lol. My BIL was a saint & handled grill duty in the rain, he did an awesome job on the burgers & hot dogs & only required payment in the form of beer :) It was a great party, the boys had a blast! I think all the kids had a good time & the adults seemed to have enjoyed themselves too. 

Now to recoup & brace ourselves for school friends next year, lol...

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  1. You pulled off the 3-theme birthday party! You're my new hero! Looks and sounds like you all had so much fun. I was catching up on your posts and pictures and while I know you know this already, the boys are getting so BIG! It's crazy!



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