Friday, June 10, 2011

*Six Weeks Old!!!

We celebrated 6 weeks with all 3 boys home, YAY!!!

The boys also had their first (second for Caden) pediatrician appointment. The doctor went over their NICU report and is amazed at how well they are doing and how little help they actually needed being 29 week preemies. They are all gaining weight well, Caden & Kellan have reached 6 pounds, & Garren isn't too far from it.

It is fun having them all home, besides the lack of sleep part. When we got them all home we put them all in the pack n play together for the first time, they each laid there looking at each other for a while then the chattering started... They make the cutest & funniest sounds and they all do it back & forth, I swear they are talking to each other. We lay them down with quite a bit of space between them but within minutes they are all huddled together, arms & legs intertwined, staring at each other. We finally had to roll up blankets & put them between them for night--time sleeping. They still work their way as close as they can. They are too cute!!!

For the most part they are really good babies. They are not bothered by the dogs barking or each other crying or any other noise for that matter. We have them napping in the living room with the tv on and everything going on around them.
Well enough of my boring chatter, here are some pics...

Burrito Babies
Eason making sure the spoiling is done right
Haddie checking on the boy
Sleeping Beauties
More Burrito Babies
Eason keeping an eye on the boys while they sleep
Hanging out after eating, making sure we got all the burps out

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  1. Yay! Congratulations!!!

    My mom always said Jen & I had our own baby talk...and we did it non stop to each other. Its a multiple thing!



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