Monday, January 11, 2016

Finally A Legitimate Family!

On December 17th, a long wait finally came to an end for Donna & our little family. 
We finally had our court date for Donna to adopt (step-parent adopt) the boys. It was a quick & painless process for us once the law finally recognized our marriage. The cost were more than cut in half & the time was basically just what it took to draw up the paperwork & get a court date.

The judge didn't even let our attorney finish her review of the legalities before he said "I've already signed the judgement, lets just put down on paper what is already a reality for these handsome boys."

I think we were in his chambers for 5 minutes, if that!

It's a great great feeling knowing that our family, all of us, are now recognized & protected!!!


  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Cannot wait to join you in legal recognition land :)

  2. Hooray! Congratulations!

    Crazy that she has to adopt them as a step-parent, though! Why not as the other legal parent?

    1. She is now the other legal parent. Step-parent adoption meant she was the step-parent becoming the legal parent. Being a step-parent (having our marriage recognized) got us out of having a home study & background checks & saved us a bunch of $$.

  3. I'm so HAPPY for you all! I'm sure this is a day you will never forget. :)



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