Monday, January 11, 2016


I am so far behind!!!
So here is a quick recap of the boys Christmas activities throughout December...

Santa came to Lowes' Build & Grow workshop!
The boys gave hugs, got candy & build a wooden Choo Choo Train.
They love these workshops & are really getting the hang of building themselves with just a little instruction from us :)
Kellan (in swim goggles) Garren (wearing paper reindeer antlers) Caden & MomMom

Our town had a Holiday Festival complete with parade (that we missed) so we took the boys to have some fun. There were arts & crafts & of course food but the only thing that REALLY mattered was the Bounce House Fun Zone! The boys ran into some friends & bounced to their little hearts content!

Our neighborhood had a Christmas party complete with train rides! The boys & their friends & even some of the parents rode a couple times. The line was long! We checked out the party in the clubhouse but it was pretty crowded so we took the party, along with some friends back to our house.
MomMom & the boys

The boys & friends

I don't think the last 2 weeks of school before Christmas break consisted of anything but Christmas projects, food, caroling, candy & parties! In fact, I know it didn't because the boys didn't even have homework those 2 weeks, lol...
They built Gingerbread houses

Kellan's house (above) was the only one in the whole class that stayed standing,
apparently there was a tornado that blew thru & took out the rest ;)

There was a lot of Santa hat wearing...

& even a pajama day before Christmas break.

We went to Zoo Lights...
Darren started the evening a little rowdy & had a run in with the pavement,
he used his injury to woo girls the rest of the night.

It worked like a charm!

Kellan, Caden, Canan, Eric & Garren enjoying some glow in the dark cotton candy


Airboat... I mean sleigh ride.

We baked cookies!
We crashed my sisters cookie baking day but she enjoyed the extra help!






All the cookie baker/decorators 

And that is a glimpse of our Pre-Christmas activities.


  1. Do you use paintbrushes to put on icing? or are my eyes going crazy on me :)

    1. They are paintbrushes. It's how our parents & grandparents had us do it as kids & it has stuck 😊



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