Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tractor Rides With Grandpa

I have a lot of catching up to do here on the blog, about a months worth of blogging actually but I'll start here with our latest trip to the grandparents. 

We had a whole weekend planned at the beginning of June but it turned out my bonus mom had other plans, our photo session for the boys' 4 year old pics had to be rescheduled & we just ended up driving down to Donna's parents for the day. I think a days visit with the boys is more than enough for them though, not that that's all they need but that it's really about all they can handle of 3 rowdy boys, lol...

This time the boys dragged the tractor (mower) out themselves, I really can't believe how strong they are sometimes. Donna drove them around the yard a couple times & then they insisted on grandpa driving. Grandpa gave each of them a turn on his lap driving & was even brave enough to let them steer. Caden drives like my dad did, going forward but looking everywhere but forward, lol

Garren driving

Caden driving 

Kellan's driving but Garren thought he needed a boost

And of course a lap around the yard with MomMom too

It was a quick visit but the boys spent some quality time with Grandma & Grandpa both, we ate pizza, lots of cookies & of course my favorite dessert, strawberry pretzel salad. Donna's parents are doing well. They gave up the snowbird lifestyle this year. They sold their place in NY & have decided it's time to stay in FL year round again. It's great for us because they are only 3 hours away all year long now but a little sad too because we usually go to NY in the summer while they are there to check in & to visit extended family. We didn't go last year because we were building/buying the house & this summer has so much going on that it doesn't look like we'll make it this year either :( I'm hoping that the boys will have some kind of school break in the fall (other than thanksgiving) that maybe we can take a quick trip during. We will work it out one way or another, it's just a change we didn't anticipate. 

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