Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Learning to Ride Bikes

We promised the boys new bikes for their birthday. I sold the tricycles they had outgrown & the balance bikes they had gotten too tall for at our last yard sale in March. They still had their scooters & were content riding them, but the constant reminders from neighbor kids riding their bikes was getting to be too much. 

The only thing really delaying the process was finding 3 of the same bikes without spending a small fortune. I figure these bikes will only be good for a year or so & then they will be too tall again so we really didn't want to spend a ton on them. Even though each of the boys wanted a different bike, we have learned from experience to just get 3 of the same or they will inevitably fight over them. We push the "YOU chose this one" issue but it doesn't help, so we like to just get 3 of the same. Well a couple weeks ago I finally found 3 bikes at toys r us & they were on sale! I ordered them immediately & a couple days later when the weather was a perfect 97 degrees followed by a week of 102+ degree days, the bikes arrived, lol...

Garren in front & Caden

Garren had caught on to the concept of peddling with his tricycle but Caden & Kellan were never interested enough to put forth the effort. So riding these bikes was a learning process. Our children are apparently not very coordinated. They would peddle but not steer or steer but stop peddling, lol... Garren got the whole thing figured out rather quickly & has been flying up & down the sidewalk since. Caden got it figured out within a day & is cruising around too but not quite as fast as our little speed racer. Kellan has not been a fan of the heat, he has the peddling part down but hasn't gotten his coordination down quite yet. He doesn't give it more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time though before he wants out of the heat.

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