Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sunday Funday

Our fun actually started saturday with some friends, some pizza & some beers. We met one of our neighbors, another 2 mom family, back during our community yard sale. They are super sweet & the boys just adore their daughter! They came to the boys' birthday party & the boys have talked to (on their play phones) & about little C non stop since. So when little C asked if the boys would like to get together for a playdate Saturday, we were happy to oblige! We decided to get together at our place, let the kids play outside & swim a bit while the rest of us enjoyed a few cold beverages & good company. I love how well the boys get along with & are accepting of pretty much all other kids. They even really like little C's moms too. You know you're among good people when even your shyest child climbs in the lap of someone new.

We are a fancy bunch!

Sunday the boys actually slept in!!! They haven't slept past 6am since I don't know when but after a late night Thursday & a late night Saturday they finally slept in, G & C until just after 7 & K until 8:20!!!

While the house was being built I collected a few pallets. I had grand illusions of using them to frame out the "media nook" aka, where the tv hangs, lol... We have some pallet art around the house & I just thought it would tie in nicely, plus that nook needs something... Well after considering how dirty the pallets were we opted not to use them inside the house. I still wanted to use them though because I have a small obsession with all things created from pallet wood. Well I happened to need some raised planters for our vegetable garden so that's what I decided to make with them. The boys all helped out a little but Garren was the most interested in the project. Once I had all the pieces laid out & was ready to assemble, Garren handed me the pieces of wood & screws as I needed them. He was also very helpful when it came time to fill the planter with dirt & plant our veggies. We still have 2 more planters to build but at least have this one in place & are well on our way to spaghetti squash, cucumbers & tomatoes with a few sunflowers & some lemon balm in the mix.

Clothing seems to be completely optional in our backyard, although we
are trying to convert our nudists to at least wear shorts when we have company.
I do keep all their parts coated in spf 50

We finally got the boys new pool from Aunt Autumn, Uncle Steven, Chandler & Nadia, put up Friday afternoon. It's been a bit chilly by Florida standards & I knew the minute I put it up the boys would want in regardless of the temperature. The water is still ice cold since it hasn't been above 85 in a couple weeks but the boys don't care at all! They have played in it all weekend. I remembered that I had a gecko raft in the garage & pulled it out Sunday to see how the boys liked it. They love it of course so we need to pick up a couple more to take on vacation with us (in just one week!) The boys also like to float around on those big kick balls so I think we'll get some beach balls too.

Garren was pushing Kellan around on a "ride"


We rounded out our super fun weekend with dinner on the grill & then some relaxing tv & ipad watching.

G, C & K, I love when they all huddle around the ipad.


  1. I need to find one of those geckos!!!! The planter box is super is the nudist boy, haha. We have a "you at least need to put on underwear" policy in our house. Otherwise there would be a whole lot of sunburned bare bottoms!

    1. I found the gecko at walmart. We are working on wearing underpants or shorts around the house & out back, especially with more & more friends coming to play but honestly i get tired of the piles of wet or sandy clothes after a couple trips in & out & just let them go, with sunscreen of course. Caden is getting really good about wanting & keeping bottoms on, Garren will if reminded but poor Kellan, he can't wait until we are alone to get his clothes off again, lol... We had friends over one time & literally as I closed the door behind them leaving he said "NOW can I take my clothes off?!" as if it had been killing him all night, lol



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