Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Peacemaker

This past week the 'Tall Ship' the Peacemaker was docked in St Marys GA, a very short distance from us. With the boys' love of sea life, the beach & ships (all things mobile really!) we thought it would be fun to take them to tour it. We met up with some friends, another set of triplet boys, for the tour.

The Peacemaker

Donna, Garren, Kellan & Caden

What's more fun than making some noise???

The best way to get a photo of all 6 boys lined up... tell them to look for the dolphins, lol :)

1 small pole, 6 not so small boys spinning around it!

Proud mommy moment here, Garren dancing on the pole, lol

All of us

K, C, G

It was too windy to have the sails up Saturday but still a pretty spectacular sight.

A photo with the sails up from facebook

The boys kept claiming they were pirates & yelled ARRR as we went on our tour which I thought was hilarious. When we got to the captains area, Kellan & Garren tried to convince Donna to "sail this thing!" lol... I love that they think she can just do whatever they want her to! It was a fun morning followed by bunk bed shopping the rest of the day.

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