Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Weekend 2014

Saturday after Christmas we headed down to Donna's parents to celebrate Christmas with them. The boys were super excited to see Grandma & Grandpa & their pups Chucky & Julie too!

Traffic was horrible driving down. Normally from where we live now, we just take 301 all the way but it was too much stop & go this time so we jumped on the highway only to creep at a snails pace the rest of the way there. What normally takes 3 - 3.5 hours to drive took 5 hours :( we should have known though that people would be traveling over the weekend.

The boys were ready for presents pretty much as soon as we arrived. Why would we ever expect 3, 3.5 year olds to let presents stacked under a Christmas tree be? Lol...


Donna's mom, Kellan & Caden

Kellan with the coolest remote control car ever!

Kellan again

Caden playing in the leaves

Caden & Kellan

Kellan & MomMom pulling Garren & Caden

Love this view in their front yard!

The boys had a good time visiting & playing & our pups enjoyed running around with Chucky & Julie in the yard & chasing the boys on the tractor. It was another quick visit & we were headed back home Sunday. We left earlier than we originally planned in case the traffic was bad again & it took another 5 hours, we lucked out though & made it home in our usual time.

Caden is such a happy guy on a tractor!

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