Friday, September 16, 2011

20 weeks old...

The boys are 20 weeks old today (yesterday, it's after midnight again.) They are just getting cuter & cuter & more & more fun!!!

We've had no doctors appointments for 2 weeks now which feels kind of strange to me. I haven't gone more than 2 weeks without a doctors appt in the past 3 years. 2 years of fertility doctors, then my first pregnancy & loss, then the triplet's pregnancy, then 6 weeks of daily NICU visits, then weekly pediatrician appointments. We did try to go for a month between their last 2 pediatrician appointments but had reflux problems in between, so we had 2 quick visits in between. Now we are going 2 months before we see the pediatrician again, but we do have an appointment monday with "the helmet man."

Back to the boys being cute & fun... These boys are wiggling around so much. Every morning when I go to get them out of their cribs they are turned in all different directions, I wonder if they sleep at night or party. We've been doing more floor & tummy time the past couple of weeks. Each of the boys have either turned onto their sides or rolled over at least once, but no one has done it a second time. Kellan really tried for a couple days after he rolled over the one time, he rocks back & forth but just hasn't managed to roll again.

from top to bottom: Caden, Garren, Kellan

The boys are also becoming more aware of each other. When we brought them home & put them in bed together for the first time they all laid there looking at each other. Now they chatter at each other, Kellan especially, and they want to touch each other, Caden is the biggest toucher. They really like to be together.

Caden & Garren
Caden petting Garren & trying to suck his head, lol
& then he fell asleep
Kellan & Garren
Garren, Kellan, Caden 
Caden, Garren, Kellan
Caden, Garren, Kellan

Kellan is our funny face maker, Caden loves to just smile, he gives big grins for no reason at all. Garren will give smiles but you sometimes have to ask for them. Caden & Kellan both chatter & coo & quiet little Garren has really found his voice in the past couple of days. Tonight he carried on like he had this whole story to tell with facial expressions and all.

If you haven't noticed in the picture for the past few weeks... The boys have lost a lot of their hair, they each kept a little bit all the way around the lower half of their heads. They are now growing new hair & it seems to be growing fast, so hopefully they won't be bald for too long. They also have the longest eyelashes. This picture doesn't do them justice but it's the best I could get of the little wigglers :)


This past weekend the local Mothers of Multiples group had their Fall consignment sale. We put the clothes and some of the stuff the boys never got to use or wear in the sale. It was bittersweet going through their teeny tiny little preemie & newborn clothes, but these boys are growing fast and are going to need winter clothes soon!!!

We also took the boys to a Moravian festival over the weekend. Although the boys are too young, we took them to look at the animals they had for kids to pet and ride. We got a lot of attention at the festival & we met one of our blog's followers that we didn't actually know. That was pretty neat!!! (Hello Suzanne)

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