Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The End of T-Ball Season

Our first season of T-ball was interesting to say the least! All 3 of the boys wanted to sign up & play. Garren was all in all the time. Caden & Kellan struggled with wanting to participate/staying on the field, then with tackling each other for the ball (maybe football would be a better sport for them) but they all finally got the hang of the game & really grew a lot in terms of learning the game, participating & even focusing a little. I think their favorite part of the season was the end though, when they received trophies. Now, they all say they want to play again next year but we will see when the time comes who really wants to do it again.




The boys all expressed an interest in playing football this fall but after the resistance & inconsistency of wanting to participate in T-ball we were hesitant to sign them up for such an expensive new sport. They all would like to play soccer again too, since they are familiar with soccer we decided to go back to that this fall & see where they are in the spring again.

I had great intentions of adding some photos of the boys receiving their trophies but my phone froze up & had to be traded in but not before I completely wiped it out of all 5000 photos & all over info that would have been nice to have saved, ugh...

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