Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter 2016

We started the weekend with plans to meet up with my sister who was staying on the island for a little Spring Break getaway. There is a lot of construction going on in our little town not only widening of the main road through town but lots of land clearing, a new school & community, new restaurants & stores & a ton of utility work. So needless to say, we got stuck in traffic on our way to meet-up for an Easter Egg drop saturday morning. My sister & her family were already there & it was already time for the egg drop when we crossed onto the island so we decided to head downtown for an easter egg hunt there figuring they would be done quickly & would meet us there. Well the drop ran WAY behind, we could have totally made it there but we ended up downtown where the boys got their faces painted, hunted Easter Eggs & ate cotton candy.

The weather forecast for the whole weekend was bad! Thunderstorm warnings & 100% chance of rain all weekend. The night before a loud crack of thunder woke all 3 boys scaring them badly, I've never heard all 3 of them scream like that simultaneously before. Well it shook Kellan up enough that every grey cloud had him nervous. We ended up heading home without ever seeing my sister.

We decorated Easter Eggs Saturday afternoon. The boys LOVE pretty much anything crafty or artistic lately so this was right up their alley. I picked out a kit that included little tiny mini paint rollers. They made for some very interesting, well coated eggs.

Kellan & Caden


G, K, C

The Easter bunny made his drop shortly after the boys went to bed. We don't go crazy with holiday gifts outside of Christmas & Birthdays but the boys did get a little candy, some Minion Surprise Eggs, and some mini Avenger/Batman boxes with art supplies.

It was our year for hosting Easter dinner. My mom & bonus dad, Sister & her family & a close friend & her daughter came for the day. We spent the morning getting a few things ready for our early Easter dinner/ lunch.

We had a great visit & meal! We followed that up with our own Easter Egg hunt. While my bonus dad & brother in law spread out & stashed eggs we attempted a group photo of the 6 kids...

This is honestly the best group shot, typical for this time in our lives.

Looks painful to have all these cousins, lol...

Finally! The Easter Egg Hunt!
front to back:
Kellan, Chandler, Canan, Garren, Caden, & Nadia

Eggs everywhere!!!

It was a super fun weekend & the kids all had a great time. I love having everyone for a holiday meal, especially one as simple as Easter. Hope you all had a great Easter too!

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  1. That egg painting kit would be a major hit over here. I will have to look for it next year. Mini paint rollers? Totally a win! A photo of 6 kids at one time, yea right, hahahaha! Happy Easter to you and yours!!



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