Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's Easy...When They're Ready!

Very wise words from a fellow blogger with 4 boys (& a girl) of her own!

When they're ready, potty training is easy.

Kellan woke up Monday morning & decided he did not want to wear a diaper, he wanted to 'pee pee on potty' & that is exactly what he has been doing! 

Garren wanted to run around in the buff while potty training & it worked out well for him so that is what I'm doing with Kellan also. Kellan is more interested in underwear though & wanted to wear a pair yesterday. We gave it a try in the morning but he couldn't get them off fast enough & had an accident (his only one) standing next to the potty chair. He was so upset about it even though I reassured him it was ok. He went without undies the rest of the day but when he's ready to try wearing them again I'll have him go shirtless so it's easier for him to pull his underwear down. 

He's been very independent & hasn't needed any reminders from me. He also tries to go when I ask him to before nap time, bed time or if we are going out. 

While Garren decided on his own & was pretty easy to potty train also, he's had his quirks. I'm kind of in disbelief how easy it has been so far with our usually quirky Kellan! :)

A couple weeks ago Kellan decided he had to have a hat on when we went out, no matter what the weather was & it's been in the upper 70's & 80's recently. Here are a few pics of his 'hat of the day' 
If you're on Instagram you can see more by finding me, springtrips or #kellanshatoftheday 

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  1. This has been my attitude all along! As much as I'd love them to be out of diapers, I don't want to force it. I've heard too many horror stories. I can't wait for the day that mine wake up "ready"!



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