Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pool Fun

I finally decided to brave the pool on my own with the boys.

It's just too hot to be outside without being in the water so the park (tennis court) has been out of the question. The pool is obviously fenced & a small enough area that if (when) they decide to wander they are still within my sight.

The boys have their puddle jumpers so I don't worry too much about them falling in & sinking but I don't my eye off any of them for a second. They have mostly liked playing with the fountain shooting out of the edge of the pool & sitting on the steps splashing. Garren has been braving the open water & has started to swim on his own a bit. Caden & Kellan have ventured into the water on their own but Caden isn't super comfortable not being able to feel the bottom & Kellan gets frustrated when he get where he wants to go quick enough. They all love jumping in from the edge but only if I'm right there to catch them.

It's fun playing & watching them venture into the water on their own & its nice to be able to get out of the house for a little bit & not have to pack up & travel someplace.

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