Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In memory of...

Our babies as embryos 
Our first pregnant ultrasound
Yesterday marked a very sad day in history for Donna & I. 
It was a year ago that we found out we had lost our remaining twin. (we lost the first one at 6 weeks)
It was suppose to have been a great day, Donna had taken the day off to go to our 12 week ultrasound. We planned to go to lunch afterwards & do some baby shopping.
Instead we found out our baby no longer had a heartbeat & I was sent home to wait for the impending miscarriage, which would end up taking the entire month.
We left that appointment in shock & very sad. We had worked so hard for so long to get pregnant. It seemed so unfair to have gotten pregnant, just to lose the babies. We weren't sure if we could do it again.
August 2010 was the worst month of my entire life,
but by the end of the month I knew we would try again.
It would be hard & we would be nervous wrecks, but I felt we could handle it. If we could get through the loss of our first babies, we could get through anything.
September we waited for my cycle to start again & in October we proceeded with another round of IVF.
November 1st (Happy Birthday Camie) I had a positive pregnancy test!
And 6 months later I had our beautiful triplet boys!!!


  1. There is nothing more devastating than an empty womb and empty arms :( Much love to your whole family.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Nothing is more devastating.

    I can't believe you were sent home to wait for a miscarriage.

    I had two losses. One at home delivery at 17 weeks, which resulted in a D &C for a retained placenta and the other was a similar situation to yours. Went in for 12 week ultrasound, no heartbeat, but I was immediately sent to the hospital for surgery.

    One day we will all be united with our little angels!

  3. Jessica, I was given the option for surgery, but didn't want it. I ended up having to take medication to induce the miscarriage, but was able to avoid surgery.



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